Sharing Map Annotations in Small Groups: X Marks the Spot

TitleSharing Map Annotations in Small Groups: X Marks the Spot
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsCongleton, B, Frank, JCerretani, Newman, MW, Ackerman, MS
Conference NameInteract 2009
Date Published08/2009
Keywordsexpertise sharing, location-based computing, map annotation, peer production, requirements analysis, sharing, social media

Advances in location-sensing technology, coupled with an increasingly pervasive wireless Internet, have made it possible (and increasingly easy) to access and share information with context of one’s geospatial location. We conducted a four-phase study, with 27 students, to explore the practices surrounding the creation, interpretation and sharing of map annotations in specific social contexts. We found that annotation authors consider multiple factors when deciding how to annotate maps, including the perceived utility to the audience and how their contributions will reflect on the image they project to others. Consumers of annotations value the novelty of information, but must be convinced of the author’s credibility. In this paper we describe our study, present the results, and discuss implications for the design of software for sharing map annotations.